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that stuff looks great! the fingers on the flex disc look a little worn from the larger picture, but unless there was something major missing from the clutch, id probably just install all that stuff. How are the pilot and release bearings?

Looks like some minor wetness inside the bell, can you trace it to the seal? If so, pull the 6 bolt cover, DO NOT lose the shims behind it, and fire another seal in there.

front seal part number is- A 014 997 63 47
Not sure what the plate gasket part number is, but you could use silicone for that if need be.

Where in the hell are you located, if thats what yard parts look like where you are, I want to move there!

for comparison, heres a pic of a sister tranny 717.412 where I live-
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5 speed manual transmission rebuild-717.412front.jpg  
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