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I have intermittent noisy lifters in my 92 300TE which I believe is SOHC like yours (not two cams). Noise on mine at startup cold only. I have 105k. I will probably need physical work done, but have made the problem go away for months and many miles at a time with 2 of the following three things: 1) Race it. I took mine for a day on the track of performance driving school. Noise went away for about 7 months. Using Shell Rotella at the time. 2) Changed to Mobil1 no change in noise. Engine leaked a bit more at first and then oil consumption decreased to about a quart every 2-3k. 3) At next change used Lubro Moly Engine clean for about 125 miles and then changed oil to Lubro Moly HydroCrack oil. Engine is quieter, idles more smoothly and noise is rarely there.
1986 300E Anthracite + ECodes + MB Mileage Award
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