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flapping sound, emergency cable?

I have a 1990 sl500 with 120K miles on it. Last week I had my local guy put on 4 Bridgestone 960 pole tires
and do a state inspection. He tells me I need an idler are repair, the kit $125 + 4 hours labor. No problem, I trust him and he orders the part. He also tells me he hears a clicking sound. Mind you the flapping sound was not their prior to the tire replacement/putting the car on the lift. I am not accusing anyone of anything, just want it fixed.

Believe me; this guy does not want to work on this car more than he has to. The sound is like a flapping, like when that paper sticker is on new tires and it “flaps” till it tears off. We go for a test drive, still hear it while driving then shifting into neutral, still hear it while driving with the engine shut off…just gliding.

He says he remembers something about these cars where the emergency cable gets worn or not taunt and starts touching the drive shaft causing a plucking vibration. When the car was gliding wheels engaged, engine off, what else could it be? I can not isolate the noise as to which quadrant the noise comes from.

The idler assembly is being installed in a few days and he will look at it, it would be a great help if I could point him in the right direction.
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