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Need help with Euro 500e lights,motors, vacuum sys.

I was over-seas with my family visiting relatives this past month... I picked up some nice 500e lights (Iím not sure if they are true 500e lights, or just euro chassis with chromed out lenses. The body of the lights is Bosh. The lenses are made by Hella.
I installed everything exactly like most people suggested on this forum. The search feature is awesome!
I wasnít able to get the vacuum system to work with the check-valve in place, so I took it out and the vacuum system works fine. Do I need the check-valve? I had the line from the economy gauge pushing air and the two out-puts plugged into one by a Y connecter to the panel.
I also purchased euro wipers and motors, all for 65 (motors were used but perfect condition). I had the motors checked while there, and they both worked perfectly. I installed them on the car, and as soon as I turned on the parking lights, they went on, I turned the lights off, then on, and everything was ok, however, now they donít turn on when the main lights are on and the washer-spray is engaged. Is there a trick to this? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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