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Beware when buying a used car

I just bought my 99' E320 here southern California thousand oaks MB and had a bad experience. I got the price lower than the sticker price but my mistake was I did not really inspect the car more thorough and thinking that 130+ starmark certification was enough. At the time I was there and while waitng for the car to be ready, the salesman offered me to teach me all the features and took me to one of their cars in the lot which now i realized it was wrong, so from that car I learned all the features like the panic alarm and so. when i got home I learned that my panic alarm horn is not working so i called them 3 days after and told me to go back to the dealer. Went there 5 days after,finding out that starmark nor the dealer won't cover my alarmhorn and they are charging me 200+ to fix it. Finance manager said I bought
it AS-IS so He won't cover it. to make the story short I called his gen. maner and won't talk to me and called MBUSA and I believe they made some investigation MBUSA called me back saying that it is between myself and the dealer and they won't intervene anymore. It was stated by MBUSA to me that the dealer told them that the alarm was disclosed to me upon purchasing the car and I know that is B---S--t. So my advice to you is to be very careful when purchasing a used car and let them repair it before you sign documents. And carefully read the starmark warranty coverage coz' i found out that there a lot of parts/equip not covered.
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