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Originally Posted by djoyce93 View Post
I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if there were many members from my province. I'm from Kemptville outside Ottawa. Where do you guys find parts for your sl's ? Is it hard to get items shipped to you from Fastlane or do you buy locally? Just wondering.
I am in Kingston, so not that far from you. Have owned '72 350SL for 20+ years so have bought a few parts along the way!

Regarding parts, what you really have to watch if you order from the USA, is shipping costs. Unless you are close enough to border and have time to drive over to Ogdensburg to the UPS store.

There are quite a number of Canadian on-line suppliers that are competitive with the US suppliers. Here are two:

Dealer is also only source of some parts. There is an MBCA section in Ottawa and members get a discount from one of the Ottawa dealers.

I have also ordered from bimmer who have reasonable shipping costs to Canada, even although they are located in USA.

US suppliers like ******** Arizona charge exhorbitant amounts to ship to Canada, but will ship free or at low cost to a US address.

You need to get access to a parts system like the MBUSA epc - They won't register Canadians, but if you have and American friend... There is also a russian one that you can access here.

You will also need a shop manual, if you don't have one.

I hear from Ottawa owners that the Young street garage is a good shop . Haven't used them myself, but may try them one of these days.

Good Luck with the new car!
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