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I think those are Zeniths, which IMO aren't as good as the Daytons, which I have. I will say that unless that is dirt covering perfect chrome, I'd worry about the chrome even though they may be from CA. Although my wire wheels are in pretty good shape, the PO didn't maintain them well (actually used them in at least one Northern winter). I called up Dayton and rechroming them is about the same price as new ones (~2000!!!!), which they don't make in exactly the same style as they were done in the 80's. Basically, they have to be cut apart, stripped, rechromed, and then re-wired, which they usually don't do unless the wheel is irreplaceable.

I also like the way they look, but:

14" tires look pretty dinky these days (these are very likely to be 14"), and it's actually difficult to find good, inexpensive 14" tires in this size.

They are also really, really heavy to the point where I can actually feel the difference driving pretty clearly between them and Bundts (real MB Bundts are very light, even in 14 x 6.5").

Cleaning them "sort of well" is a 1-2 hour job (which I did weekly in the summer). Thoroughly cleaning them is a wheels-off, 4-hour job (which I did at the end of the summer).
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