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Originally posted by A. Rosich
Well, isn't THAT the whole deal about buying a Merc?
If you fork over $60k for a car, you should expect nothing more than perfection, period!

I agree, if JD changed its formula recently then maybe you could use that as an excuse. But JD has not changed its formula for evaluating cars in a while and MB just keeps scoring lower and lower each year.

Okay so yeah your late 90's MB may be around long after your neighbours Nissan gives up the ghost, but its looks like maybe its going to be a long frustrating relationship.

I have a 15 year old W124 and I have never heard an interior squeak or rattle. Yeah that damn CIS may be a pain in the butt sometimes, but hey it 15 years old!! So the head gaskette leaked after 13 years, so what. I heard someone in another forum complain that his C280 head leaked and that thing was only 5 years old What the heck is that about?
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