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Originally Posted by meltedpanda View Post
I will testify , cause I saw them , strifes wheels ( bundts) are a work of art.

Now then - were wire wheels ( spokes) actually a MB item or aftermarket or special order or what , I have never seen them in any of the original brochures as options?
Thanks for the compliment! I put a lot of work into them that I'll never get back...the good news is that the chrome will never peel, because there isn't any

I'm pretty sure that the wheels were never actually offered by MBUSA, but were possibly dealer-installed options. Zeniths seem to be more prevalent on the west coast, Daytons on the east coast. Most were bolt-on (and done without ugly lug inserts, etc, they were actually built from scratch that way). At least some Daytons (and possibly Zeniths, I don't know) were built as true knock-offs, where the adapter was bolted onto the car's hub, with the lead hammer and everything. A member of the local MBCA chapter had a set of these for sale in not great condition some time ago.
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