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Has anyone thought that a few years of quality diminishing is part of the plan?

If you make slightly poorER cars for a while and then eliminate several of the problems. You a) get lots of customers, not knowing of the current problems that buy into it and b) get a huge pump a few years later when the quality of Mercedes is drastically improved. MB gets to save money now, while they are growing massively, make more in parts a little down the line and then pump sales when the improvements come along. For them, the stock holders, the parts manufacturers, and our friends, the techs, it is win-win-win-win all the way to the bank. Such is the power of a very long term reputation that is NOT known by the masses as being on the thin side of excellent.

Just food for thought.

This said, even though my ML has a few minor problems it is still a darrrrrrrrrrned fine ride with just under 24K miles on it. I like it for road trips more than my E. And I like my E *a* *lot*

Happy Motoring!

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