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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
That's one of the models I've been considering. I've also been considering the Honda Rebel and Nighthawk 250. One of the considerations is that I'm really short and want to start with something I can flatfoot.

Absolutely. The local community college offers them pretty regularly in the warmer months.

Sorry for the hijack.
If you're man enough for the sandbox, a 250 cc motorcycle will be joke for you when you get home. (Not to mention having your buddies smirking at you) Take a basic riders course. Shoot they give you a 125 or 250 cc bike to learn on. After that, I'd start at 500 or 600 cc with a used JAP bike. If you like motorcycling after you get your feet wet, you will go ....soon....say your second riding season.... to a 1000cc+ bike. Don't invest too much in your first bike. It and you will probably get a little road rash.
Are you a big man in size/weight? (I assume you are a man, not a woman)

Girl told me once: "You don't get laid on a Honda"
Good luck with your trip.
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