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Originally Posted by Txjake View Post
when I lived in Stockholm, WI, I had a friend who rode only a motorcycle year round. But it was a Ural with a sidecar that had a driven wheel. He'd dress in a snowmobile suit, plug in his lectric undies and off he went!
I had an instructor at an MSF course a while back who's only transportation was a Honda Pacifica. I don't recall how big that engine was, but it had a small fairing and hard shell bags. Nice commuter I suppose. with heater leathers for February riding.

Then this morning I get this email from a friend:


I went to therapy this morning!!! The therapician(new word) of choice this
morning was the Road King! It had more gas! The snow covered fields never
looked more beautiful than from perched atop a motorcycle. Of course it
took a lot longer to get to work this morning due to caution and a longer
route.. I'm feeling MUCH better now because of the ride and knowing that
I'll be seeing many of my HOG friends this evening!"

It was probably in the mid 20's up where he lives.
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