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Originally Posted by W126Ken_W.Pa View Post
Hi all fellow MBZ car audio enthusiasts.
Nothing makes me more mad and pi$$es me off more than when some car audio "pro" shop, who does not have the proper diagrams, books, or even the technical knowledge necessary to install a stereo system in our kind of unique W124 and W126 body cars, puts in an aftermarket system, and basically totally screws up the rest of the systems in the car, especially the anti-theft system (not to mention other issues).

Many car audio shops literally just "hack up" the wiring harness and , well, basically almost ruin the wiring by trying to install an upgraded car audio system.

I have had cars come in, one 1991 300E in particular, that the install shop actually ran a wire to the trunk and kept the old Becker head unit partially wired up (yes, in the trunk!) JUST TO KEEP THE ALARM FROM GOING OFF!!!!
Need I say, this shop was just horrible! I'm sure they were just fine doing an old Nova or Caddy lol.

I am a recording engineer by trade, and in the past AND present I have owned and worked on several 123's, 124's and 126's, and have done my own installs on audio as well as custom work for others.

I am here to offer my assistance to anyone who is in need , or has any questions about doing an installation by replacing your factory Becker with a newer head unit, upgrading speakers and amps.

Weather you decide to just replace your existing head unit, or decide to replace the whole system, Please shoot me an email.

I personally make some custom wiring harnesses that simply just plug into your factory harness.

No wire cutting, "tapping in" to wires, or splicing PERIOD!
And if you just have any questions, feel free to ask.
I will try my best to answer your questions. {I DO NOT charge for consultation on proper speaker sizes, recommended receivers and outboard gear, and I DO NOT sell new gear, so no worries about someone pushing you into something you may not need!} My main concern is that your Mercedes can be outfitted with a great system, without any permanent modifications, and can be returned to 100% stock if you choose to sell it so future owners are not plagued with wiring gremlins that an under-qualified stereo install shop may have caused.

The benefit of a proper install is, when you sell your car, it can be returned to 100% stock, and your original factory car harness will be UN-CUT and will simply just plug right back into your original factory Becker stereo.

I only do Mercedes W123, W124, and W126 cars.
Feel free to email me with any questions, wiring diagrams, etc to make your install go as smooth as possible.
I also have diagrams available for euro headlight conversions as well.
I am a W124 and W126 owner, and I am more than happy to help with that difficult stereo installation, or just to help by answering your questions.
Thanks !
As the owner of a car audio facility in the 70's-Mid 90's I will tell you that at one time car audio was a vocation not taken lightly by those involved in it.

I did a lot of high end cars (Lots of 123's,124's, other German cars, Ferrari's, Lambos and other exotics.

We also did work with Bose at the beginning of their OEM car audio business.

I decided to get out when the chain stores started to offer installation for free and how can you compete with free.

I did high end stuff but the everyday stuff created the most income for my shop.

Most people did not realize the difference between free and installations that were properly done.

My rule when hiring installers was to ask them to explain to me Ohm's Law and if they couldn't I wouldn't hire them.

The other issue was that at one point in time we were replacing 75% of radios in cars.

As time went on and the OEM manufacturers caught on to the missed opportunities the amount of people we changed radios for decreased to an all time low of 3% and hence the whole industry went away.

Now you have small uncommitted shops that hire the cheapest workers they can and hence you have work done by idiots.

Usually in any large city you can find shops that do very good work but you must ask around and if so travel for that work.

Unfortunately there is no standard for car audio as for mechanics (ASE) and you are at your own risk when it comes to work done in this field.

I was sad to see this occur in the industry but I am glad to report I had a ball in that industry when it was in its heyday.

I applaud anyone committed to doing things right!!!!!
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