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Originally posted by jcyuhn
I'm more concerned with how it's going to look, hang together, and drive when it's 9 years old. Heck, I don't plan to ever own a car that's only 90 days old - too expensive! While it would be better if there were no bugs in the first three months, that experience pales relative to the experience over the first, oh, seven or ten years. So far as I can tell, Mercedes is still a solid performer on these longer term timescales.
We may be getting to the end of the validity of that last sentence at least for the S-class. Folks seem a lot more anxious about pulling the trigger on an early W140 than on a 10-year-older W126. Even with the considerable difference in purchase price, I think most folks are put off by the potential upkeep of the newer MBs. Closing pumps and headrests are one thing. Power steering and AC are quite another.

I don't say this because I have a W126, but because I'm ready to move up and a W140 seems like a crap shoot.

I should have said financial crap shoot. No doubt it'll have a more luxurious feel.

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