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Lamp Control Module

Thanks to you both for your information.
To Sokoloff:
I have replaced the licence plate lights and they do work. When the light on the dash comes on,I stop and check to see if any lights are out. As of this time I have not found any out. I have checked them all(doors,Brakes Parks Etc.)I took the tail light holders out and cleaned all the contacts and made sure all the bulbs worked.I founf a loose ground wire which I fixed,but this made no difference.
To Amosfella
If I new how to get this module out I would check it.I know where it is but am really nervous about taking the Fuse box apart. The car is in storage now and has to go to the Dealer to have the Trans oil and filter changed when I put it in service again. At this time I will get the Dealer to do as you suggest. Thank you both for the in formation.

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