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Thanks for your reply and my apology on posting twice I just want to make sure that everybody see my experience from that dealer, you can just delete my other post.

I got 56000 miles when i got the car and it is also stated by the dealer that my car is covered until sept. 2003. I still have the paper of the starmark warranty and all my paperworks including the starmark certification sticker that is posted on the car. What I don't understand is that when I called the MBUSA telling them my problem they said they will follow up with the regional manager which they did but it ended up nothing, they said they won't intervened with my case anymore because of believing that the alarm was disclosed to me upon purchasing the car. I have look on my paper works but I could not find anything I signed that it was disclosed to me regarding alarm not working. I just don't know who can help me now since MBUSA did nothing. Do you have any suggestion? please let me know, thanks....
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