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Since the car had 56,000 mi on it, the factory warranty had expired, so the Sept 2003 date is a moot point, it's 50,000 or 4 yrs whichever occurs first, the 50,000 occured first.
The base starmark warranty is 1 yr. All Starmark warranty expires at 100,000, so you should only need to worry about the 1 yr after time of delivery, assuming you wouldn't go over 100,000 on the odometer in a year.
The car is supposed to be brought up to Starmark standards, if they can't bring it to Starmark standards it is NOT to be given Starmark certification. Notifying the prospective owner of the deficiency doesn't cut it, EVERYTHING should look and work as new. Were you informed of any problems as has been suggested, I don't believe you have said one way or the other.
The Starmark warranty is in effect a continuation of the factory warranty. This is warranty work for the dealership and they know it. As I have said, in my opinion, the car probably in effect has no Starmark warranty and that is the real problem, either they forgot to get it registered with MB for Starmark or something to that effect. I don't care about stickers on the car or the certification sheet that was filled out, bottom line is the dealer has to PAY Mercedes a certain amount for the coverage, and if they failed to do this, and you were under the impression that the car has the Starmark coverage, someone is in trouble, but I don't know who. You're going to have to look over your paperwork closely for something with your name on it, the vehicle ID, and that states that you have the 1 year Starmark warranty on it. I can't do much else for you right now, Friday evening and all, but maybe on Monday I can ask exactly what you should have that proves Starmark coverage.
There should be no kind of clause that would state "this and that don't work, sorry, even though it's under warranty, don't expect us to fix this and that". The car is supposed to be completely operable, everything should work or it can't be a Starmark.
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