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They did not mention anything wrong about the car and I agree with you that even it is used, it should be atleast in good working condition including its components. I have the (pink) starmark pre owned form that I signed on the bottom which has another 2 pages(white) that explains parts that are covered and not. I have check the pink form that I signed and It has my name, address and info of the car(i.e. vin #) BUT there is no check mark on the section saying "starmark limited warranty expires: 12 mos from the STARMARK pre owned purchase date". do I have to worry about this too?. I remember 5 days after I bought the car and went to the dealer the service dept. checked in his computer that I still have until sept 2003 but he said the problem in the alarm is not covered by the warranty. The finance manager even told me that they will not cover it or pay for the repair because I got a good deal with the car. I know that I got a good deal with the car but my point is they are still responsible in fixing the problem. thanks again for your response..

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