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I also want everybody to know that this is my first mercedes benz and love driving it infact my wife and I are planning in buying a brand new one after 3-4 years but I am just dissappointed and frustrated with MBUSA and the dealer. I had a 96 mitsubishi montero and bought it used on 98 and had a problem with my a/c, sent it to the dealer and fixed it with no questions asked, same thing with honda oddyssey 2001 which i bought it brand new and currently having problem with the mismatch color of the bumper and the body, I sent it to the dealer and they inspected it and said they will repaint the bumper. My point is I did not expect that mercedes benz customer support would be like this. Please don't get me wrong but MBUSA s--ks in handling my case. There is no question that the Mercedes benz is one of the best car in its class but they should improve their customer support. just my .2 cents.
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