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Angry What's Left? C280's going off a cliff

OK - I've had new everything put on this '97 C280 - ball joints/control arm bushings/drag link/tierod ends/tires/high speed balancing and several MB alignments. My car continues to go out of alignment (to the right, 4 times now) and shake like hell. Rotating the tires does nothing, still there. She drives like a dream out of the shop then 100 miles later pulls to the right and starts shaking again. Had new tie rod ends, rotors and new brakes put on. No Help. The only thing left is the steering damper. Mechanics say the wheel bearings are fine. What's left?? I'm lost and giving up. Someone mentioned a loose belt (?) or maybe something going on in the steering box. I dunno, but I'm pissed. Why would this car go out of alignment SO quick? I drive like grandma in this car, haven't hit any potholes, curbs or whatever. Alignment aside, the shaking is the worst. Help - anyone! Thanks

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Mark E.
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