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Ali Al-Chalabi brings up a good point. Some tires have relatively soft tread compounds, mainly those that are skewed to provide better traction, at the expense of wear life. These tires also tend to be used by owners who think they are willing to give up ride characteristics for handling. A by-product of this is that they are often on the low end of inflation pressure to improve ride charactersistics in normal driving. Additonally these kinds of tires are susceptible to taking a set overnight in their at rest shape. Look at the tire at rest and it has a flat bottom. Initially these tires present a flat surface to the ground on every revolution, until they warm up and centrifugal force helps them go back to being round. The will vibrate as a result. The longer they sit the worse this can be.

But that does not address your pulling to one side issue. Is the pulling always to the same side?

Next time you take a drive for a dozen or more miles, when you get out check the temperature of the wheels on all four corners. Be careful as if you have a grabbing brake, that wheel might be very hot. A visual indication is if one wheel is getting dull and more rapidly aging the paint on the alloy wheel. If this is the case, you will need a new caliper or two, or you can have them "rebuilt" which means have the seals changed. When the piston to cylinder bore square shaped "O" ring gets worn there is no longer any mechanism to pull the pad away from the rotor after you release the brake pedal. As a result the pad stays in contact and heat the whole area up while you drive. The result is rapid wear of the pads and rotor on the aflicted wheel or wheels.

I am not sure the pulling and vibration are directly linked. I would suspect the tires/balancing for the vibration and the brakes for the pulling, assuming you have no bent front end or rear suspension parts. Good luck and I hope this helps. Jim
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