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I would suspect your clutch is the issue. I have never seen one of these transmissions just die like that. About the only thing I can imagine that would ruin the transmission is running it without fluid, or with seriously contaminated fluid. Have you checked the level and cleanliness? You need a 14 mm Allen wrench. IF you got through the trouble to check the fluid, go ahead and change it. Change the differential fluid as well. I use stuff from RedLine Oil ( and have not seen any issues with a transmission or differential on any Benz I have owned yet.

The clutch is a hydraulically actuated unit and it gets its hydraulic fluid from the brake reservoir. If the the cylinder at the pedal is leaking, you will see fluid in the floor area under the mats. If the unit at the clutch is leaking the leakage is not as apparent, unless it leaks in single area while parked. How does the clutch feel? When you depress it what happens?

I have had to drive my 1975 240D without a clutch before, when one of the springs broke. I started the car in neutral, got it nice an warmed up so it was easy to start in gear. Turned it off, put it in first gear, then started it. The transmission should go into second, third and fourth if you take care to synchronise the engine and driven wheels while in neutral between shifts. Just let off the gas slightly while pulling a bit on the lever, and when the dog clutch on the selector is unloaded the lever will move smoothly, no grinding. Do not force anything. Then, put the lever where the next gear is, push lightly and let the rpms drop to about where they would be if the next gear were engaged, and it should slip into gear. Put it in neutral to stop, and shut off and start the process over to get going. You should be able to do this unless the transmission is shot.

Good luck, and I hope this helps. Jim
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