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Jim and Ali - thanks - I appreciate the time taken to answer my questions. After searching the site about tires and stuff I see that Michelins (and counterparts) make a huge difference on this car. After reading your posts I suspect a brake problem is going on. The car spent 2 weeks at the dealership (waiting for the suspension expert to work on it) and aside from the ball joints and drag link they said everything else was in great shape. But the warped rotor(s) raised a red flag with me. With an unbalanced wheel you feel it within a certain speed range, correct? I noticed driving last night that the vibration occurs from about 45-80 mph and the pulling at any speed above about 20 mph. I will check out the wheel temps. ON the tire side, I've noticed that the vibration is a little worse during the daytime... it's been about 90 here in FL... and driving home from work at 4am the shaking isn't as bad, but still there. So - what would be your first inclination - go with the new tires or check out the brake calipers. SOmething tells me both.

Thanks gents!

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