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I didn't say that. I said that the car doesn't have hall sensors and rotating the motors won't do anything on any of the systems.

The later system can get its counting screwed. I will give an example to explain as I don't actually understand it completely.
I am making this up as far as the numbers. The window takes 150 pulses to go from top to bottom. The accepted numbers assigned to the top position of the window are what are set. After a number of resets it is possible to get out of range. The computer will accept as position numbers 1 through 1000. If you tell it that 350 is at the top then it subtracts 150 to get the bottom. If through resetting the number for the top gets interpreted as 100 then there is not enough numbers to go down. You then restart the point by disconnecting the battery or controller which sets you back to 1000. Again the numbers and the example are given to aproximate the concept.

I would suspect that you might have a bad switch, remeber that there is a separate switch position for the express function. Just because the window goes up doesn't mean the express position of the switch is working.

I was told that to test the express position one could hold the button down (both in the up position and the down position) for ten seconds after the window stopped. This will accomplish the initialization but will also pop the circuit breaker in the motor which can be heard. The point being that if one heard the pop then one knew the express function of the switch was working. I have tryed this an never could hear it. But I have always done it in a noisy shop. If it works let me know, try it on a window that works first. If it smokes the car don't tell me (bg).
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