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190 E Cable Linkage Is In Need Of Adjustment

i recently took an eight day trip to Los Angeles with a friend and my girlfriend. I allowed her to take my 2.3 liter that was made in 1991 during a time where she had been upset at me. The automobile was thrown from drive into park, and i've been told that the linkage is now in need of repair. I have been able to push the vehicle (seems to be in NEUTRAL) when the gear shift says its in PARK. I can't start the car although it is being powered properly, but simply won't turn over, although I did not attempt in NEUTRAL I understand that this is a two man job (one beneath the vehicle, and another under the hood of it). Can anyone elaborate on this and maybe give me a link to another site that would show this area of the car in detail so that I might be able to repair with a friend. S
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