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For the power steering fluid they don't have a power steering fluid list, like they list motor oils. They list each class of car and the various fluids for them. They list only the newer classes ie; CL, E, G, C etc. For my TD the owner's manual says to use ATF. Granted that was 1983, but even the new E, CLK, SL, SLK, M, and G class vehicles can use either MB's power steering fluid or any of the approved ATFs. Some here have "argued" that the newer ATFs are formulated different now and are not good for the older steering boxes. I use ATF in my steering sys., and haven't had any leaks or problems.
For the rear differentials they only list it as Hypoid gear oil. As for brand, they only list the MB part number 001 989 17 03 10. Your owner's manual would list the proper weight.
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