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My s420 looks like it is lowered too. There is virtually no clearance between the tires but they have never rubbed. The mileage is awesome. Watch in 30 years, these cars will have the desirability as the gullwings that we drool over today. I'm actually thinking to buy a 99 S500 Grand Edition and keep it in a bubble for a couple decades. The Grand will be the gem to own. Another highly desirable cars of this generation will be the Designo SLs of 2001 and The Silver editions of 02. MB only released the Designo SL in the states for only 1 year. Here is a list of what I think will be the collector MB cars of future.
E50 AMG-Only produced for 1 year. Have you seen one these on the marketplace lately. I bet you won't. Collectors have probably snatched them all up. Will be known as the predecessor of the much more popular E55. Kind of like the Porsche 912, not a 911 but still very desirable. Is it the m119 engine inside? E55 is not here because of popularity.
C36 -1st official AMG-MB car. Shows MB's true tuning ability. C43 was powerful but was just 430 engine dropped in. 36 was bored, stroked and many C36 specific parts.
sl55, sl launch
aforementioned cars above
s600 designo
SLK230-Why is this on my list? Hardtop convertible. If MB had not introduced this advancement, I bet you wouldnt see Lexus making their immitation.
500E-porsche benz. Need I say more
All W140s but especially the perfected 97-99 models.
W220 does not have the soul or spirit of the w140. W140 driving experience is unmatched. Steering so light that driving with a finger is possible.
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