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Rust protection for new(er) Benz?

Wanted to get some opinions here...

I'm wondering about whether I should get my 2007 GL450 rust proofed. The company in Canada that I have been using for all my previous Mercedes is Krown Rustproofing. I swear by them. They use a non-petroleum based product that is applied in mist form. They drill access holes into the panels and cavities and hence the product penetrates everywhere. They then plug the holes with grommets. You can watch the process from behind a glass window. They are very professional and the hole-drilling is no big deal to me. Our salt-laden roads will drill other holes much faster when the metal isn't protected.

Krown's treatment is especially effective in countering rust formation in interior seams, where factory rust proofing can fail.

I love my Mercedes and they have all been excellent vehicles but I find Mercedes' rust proofing pitiful, especially compared to other German marques. Audi is leagues ahead in this regard.

Ditto their Canadian rust warranty, which is useless.

We plan on keeping our GL long term.

What I am wondering is - would this void my warranty in any way? I have been told that Mercedes would have to prove that the application somehow damaged the car. I am guessing Mercedes/dealer's response will be 'don't do it, the car is pre-treated in the factory and is already rust proofed', which I file in the same drawer as 'lifetime transmission fluid fill'.

I was going to wait for the warranty to expire and then get the rust proofing done, but it would be nice to have it applied early, BEFORE rust can form. The cars that have lasted the longest for me had the rust treatment done early.

Thoughts? Any dealer info would be appreciated. I am also going to approach my dealer and ask directly but wanted to be pre-armed with as much info as I can.

Thanks all!
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