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MB DOC and BENZMAC - 16V connecting rod question

MB DOC and BENZMAC and others,

I'm beefing up my 16V engine after the piston failure (see this discussion), and I've got a few questions about the conrods:

1. The rods have studs instead of bolts (see photo). I haven't read anything in the manual about studs. So, is this the stock 16V configuration or have the rods been messed with?

2. If they are stock, should I replace the studs and nuts? How can I check for stretch, etc.? Since I'm turbocharging the engine and am planning on pushing a healthy amount of boost, should I replace them with aftermarket ARP studs?

3. How much horsepower can the stock rods handle? I'm going to have them stress relieved and shot peened. Is 350 or 400 possible without risking rod failure?

4. If you have any other suggestions as to what I should replace and enhance while I have the engine apart for the turbo build, please let me know!!

Thanks in advance!!
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