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Climate control Problems...Need help

Well I have been dealing with this climate control problem for a long time now without any luck. First off, I can't get the heat to turn off. I have already replaced the heater valve and made sure that the vacuum is good to it. The problem is at the vacuum switching center for the climate control system. The switch that supplies vacuum to the heater valve is not operating. How do I test the central control unit to make sure that it is putting out the proper signal. That is my first problem.

Problem two:
I rigged something up to manually override the heat so that I wouldn't die in the summer. But now my A/C isn't working completely properly. I had it recharged yesterday. The compressor will only come on when I put it in extra A/C mode. In normal mode, the compressor will not come on at all. I checked both the in the car temperature sensor and the A/C temperature sensor outside the car. They were both fine. It seems like it all comes down to the central control unit but I replaced my control unit with another used one. I think it would be a huge conincidence if both my old central climate control unit and my new one had the same problems. My A/C compressor also feels like it is slipping at higher RPMs. Does this mean the clutch is going out?
Thankyou very much anyone who contributes to solving my problem!
George Carstens
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