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Shaun - I was very skeptical until I watched them do it. They are fastidious and accurate with the hole placement and the grommets are an exact fit. I've been using Krown for about 8 years now? So far zero rust around any of the drill holes. They use the same holes each year and re-apply new grommets. The grommets blend in and you don't even notice them, they look factory installed.

My 210 still looks quite good, with only a bit of rust on the wheel arches and trunk. I attribute its state (in part) to Krown's annual treatment. Most 210's here have literally rusted to death. You don't see many around. Kinda sad really.

My 300E was excellent with regards to rust resistance. The E430...not even close. Hence my lack of faith regarding my GL450.

Thank you both for the replies/thoughts.
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