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Originally Posted by dropnosky View Post
heck, if he were to damage the auto, supposedly an 80s BMW getrag 5-speed will bolt right up!

There is also a good lincoln MKVII forum with a lot of info on it. From what I learned on there, apparently this was the ultra rare option on this ultra rare option!

Lincoln coupe with 5 speed bolt to a 6cyl diesel!

Also, they apparently dropped some of these BMW diesels in some of the 4 door lincolns as well, far less though.

this must have been when ford was flirting with what company to source light duty diesels from, cause I also owned a 1986 ford escort that then had a mazda diesel in it. That car may have been the greatest slug of all my car buying adventures. They ended up jumping into bed with mazda, probably BMW was way too pricey and *****y with comparable reliability and increased complication.

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Matter of fact, either wikipedia or the Mark VII owners club, said that of the 500 diesels, a grand total of ONE was delivered with a manual tranny - seems what you heard is right.

The Lincoln/Ford chassis parts wouldn't be hard to come by. It's the BMW engine parts that concern me. I've got a similar thread in Open Discussion, and one parts guy flat-out said that BMW no longer supports these engines. OReilly's actually carries all the necessary filters for the engine and tranny, but as far as injectors and the 60K mile replacement timing belt - no such luck so far. Only thing I found for injectors were aftermarket modifieds on two websites, listed as universal for that BMW engine, $620 EACH!!!! That almost makes the common rail electronic injectors in the VM Motori diesel in my Jeep look cheap!

One good thing - the guy selling the car has a full set of shop manuals to go with it - including shop manual for the BMW engine. Perhaps crossing over the Ford P/N's might generate some results.
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