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126 A/C Comp won't kick in?

Hello all,

I'm working on an 83 500SEL and I can't seem to locate all the controls for the A/C system.

When the car came in the blower motor didn't work along with the A/C so I replaced the controler in the dash. Blower working now.

The system is charged, that I know. I tried jumping the low pressure switch but no effect. I checked and have no power going through the switch so I found the relay in the fuse box and switched it with another one and still nothing. I checked the ground to the compressor and thats fine, and all the fuses.

I was wondering if there are some kind of switches under the dash that the wiring would pass through on the way to the comp?
I can hot wire the comp and it works fine so I have a charge, and the comp works.

With the switch on the dash set to A/C I have power on 30 and 86 on the relay but no ground on 85. If I ground 85 I get the relay to click but I can't find what controls 85?

Thanks in advance!

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