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Found out that the 93 AMG 190E 3.2-24v actually used a 93 300SEL engine and 5-speed auto tranny. It used the newer HFM.

The 300CEs all had 4-speeds even until 95. The only other 5-speed auto tranny available then wass the 300SL's, but I haven't been able to verify wether they are the same as the 5-speed auto tranny in the 300SEL's engine which produced more torque since it was a 3.2 then the 3.0. The 300SL engine only made 200lb.ft. while the 3.2 in the 300SELs made 230lb.ft.

Didn't know if that would help you in your quest or not, but thought I'd share 2phast.

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