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Woah! I knew that the engine had been replaced by the previous owner, but I figured they'd install a US spec engine.

Few more questions, MB DOC:

1. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE US OR EURO COMPRESSION HEIGHT FOR STOCK PISTONS?? I haven't been able to find it anywhere!!! I've measured the compression height of my pistons and would like to compare it to Euro and US values so I can find out what my current compression ratio is. MB DOC, can you help me out??

2. Could this be an 85 16V engine as there are quite a few grey market cars floating around? How can I find out? I haven't been able to find the engine number for the life of me. Where is it located on the block?

3. When did Mercedes switch from crank-guided to piston-guided rods on the 8V? Did that happen in 85 because my manual states that 86-87 16Vs differ from 8Vs in that the rods are giuded at the crank and not the piston, so it must have been changed by then. Did only the very early 8Vs (82-84) have crank-guided rods?

4. Can/should I have these rods lightened? Is that even possible? I wasn't planning on going any higher than 7.5k RPMs. I'm guessing this wouldn't be necessary or advisable and might even be impossible, but I'm curious.

I think I'll stick with the stock studs, as these should be able to handle it fine. Yes, I'm assembling the motor myself, and yes, it's going to be dynamically balanced. I'll probably go with Total Seal gapless rings.

Thanks guys, and whoever can give me the compression height values will be my friend for life!

87 190E EVO II Turbo

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