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Re: I'm not trying to 'pick' on you. .

Originally posted by JimF
so please accept my apology if it seemed that way.

But using rules of our language, no one would know that you had a problem other than by quessing. The operative word is my as in " . . express feature doesn't work on all the windows in my W140". Using the word 'the' changes it to fact or comment about W140s!

Hey, don't blame me, it's how we communicate or don't as the case may be!

But the solutions suggested will work.

And what happend to Mark?
Oh no I wasn't offended by your remark, but I hope I didn't come across as demanding when I said if anyone had an answer. The reason I didn't say my W140 is because it's the one that my mom drives. It's legally not mine but I guess for simplicity's sake, I could just say so.
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