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Originally Posted by slept thru it View Post
Thanks for thesuggestions. I think it is only the turbo versions that come in different colors. My Victor Renze seals are all black but the guides says that's normal for an old four cylinder. I do think these are oem seals. Kent. B of mercedes source has fabricated a tool to press the seals home. It's like a closed end wrench with the handle sticking straight up.

I think measuring the distance is the best option. But I wonder what tolerances I'll be dealing with?

Thanks again.
I hope you did not pay too much for your seals. The source I looked at had the Victor Renze seals for $8 + Shipping.
When you mentioned the word pictorial I went to one of those sites that has pictorials and found at that site what appeared to be the same seals were selling for $70 (that included the shipping).

As far as measuring goes you just want to be sure the Retainging Lip on the Seals go into the Groove all they way (I am assuming your 220 Valve Guildes have such a groove). I do not think this is an extremely precise.

Harbor Freight sells 6 inch machinist type rullers for around $2. they are only about 1/2 inch wide and measure down to 1/32" of an inch. They fit into those tight places well.

Also ounce it is in the Seal is in the groove you should not be able to pull up on it easily.

This pic is from a book for OM 615-617 dated 1975. From the looks of the pic it would be difficult to push the seal down too far; but of course do not use too much force on it and damage it.
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