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miss fire 126

I appreciate your response steve.
so far up to this point I have done all the work myself(other than the machine work) with lots of help from this site.And this is the first time I have done this job.
I just replaced the plug wires on the right side with the wires off my 450 sel ,and it is running the same.
At an Idle,if I push down on the "throttle housing butterfly" the cars dies immeadately.???
I have cracked the fuel lines coming off the fuel distributor and I get lots of pressure on the left 4 but none or very little on the right 4.
I had these lines off for over a month,could this ruin the fuel dist?
I have pulled and replaced the plastic injector rail,making sure it is in correctly.
I have sprayed wd-40 around the intake looking for idle increase.
the car starts right up everytime.but misses pretty bad.
any ideas?
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