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The prognosis is good! I did that same fix a couple of years ago and it hasn’t missed a beat since. Couldn’t find brushes with the same cross/sect or length so had to file to suit. Also one of the tabs broke off so had to glue on a cap to fix that.
Thought the motor had that “Made in China” look about it but shouldn’t complain I suppose that it wore out after 580,000km.

BTW- Anyone know where the blower pre-resister is located? At one point I thought that was my problem as one of the speeds was missing – I believe it is behind the dash somewhere, but never did find the damn thing!

Sixto – My motor had 3-4mm end float. Seemed a bit excessive to me.

Walknight “I might get the cheapskate award,…”

Oh no you won’t! - Ill take that.

When I came to pay the dealer he shook his head and said:
“Don’t worry … and here, you better take a couple of spares just in case ”

I must have looked very hungry AND stupid!
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