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Guess what - IT'S BACK! I can't figure this out. One day after new tires, car drives awesome. Then, within 24 hours the shaking is back. But, this time the pulling is gone. Now just shaking. I'm wondering if the dealership missed something when putting my new suspension components in. What's different this time with the shaking is it occurs after the car has been run for about 20 minutes. I drove it late last night, and after about 20 minutes of driving the shaking started. This morning it drove great until (I'm guessing here) about 20 mintues into the drive. Why would I feel shaking in the gas pedal now? Now I'm thinking maybe brakes again. Anybody dare take a jab at this again? Is there anything driveshaft related like a support or something. When you guys get sick of me just boot me off the forum! Ultimately, (when I get this fixed - and I will get it solved) maybe my experience will educate others on here on what to do and not to do.

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