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Hey guys...its been a long time and I've been outta town unable to get to my baby until day before yesterday. Well, I changed out the thermostat (with the bleeder valve at the top/right position like the old one that looked pretty good mind you) and took her on the road.ONCE AGAIN, 80-82 degrees around town for about 15 minutes but when I got her on the highway and exited, 110+! I've also had it tested for pressure and its okay so far. Today on the way to work, the same thing but now she stays at 100+ on the highway. I'm wondering if I should replace this "new" radiator with the old one I kept to see what happens because other than the broken neck, the car still ran at 80-82.

Another question I have is: Is the fan supposed to be able to spin freely when you shut the car off? I ask because on some of my other cars I've had, the fan doesn't move at all unless the motor's running. I was able to move the fan freely as I felt around the radiator after shutoff which revealed the radiator being very cool on the right side (facing car) and then hot as hell when running my hand toward the left side by the hose. Also, when I had the car running, I'd squeeze the upper hose to see if I could feel water rushing through and did not feel it at all. The top of the radiator is also hot to the touch.Is this a matter of the radiator being clogged and what could clog it this fast (its only been in the car a little under a year) ?

I'm wondering if I should change out the pump although there is no leaking or squeaking/noises. Would it be safe to replace that old radiator with a broken neck in order to have my other one checked or should I just suck it up and replace it (again but with a Behr)? Any help is appreciated and thanks for the replies so far in my plight to correct this.
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