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There was no 3rd choice in the Poll. I could go either way.
At the time I doscovered the boots torn on my Car it was the only Car I had runing.

I did not see that Guy with the ATF Funnel Rebooting Video until Months later.

Also from the sources I knew to buy the Boots from it looked like it was going to cost about $40 per Axle to reboot them.

I opted for $75 each Cardone Rebuilts bought locally and had my Car on the Road the Next day or so. I guess that was 2 years ago or more. So far no problems.

Now that I have learned all the good info from the Forum on how to reboot; I would be happy to reboot them myself if the boots have a problem again.

If it turned out my Axles were damaged beyond rebooting I am not sure if I would buy New Asian Axles or try to get a set from the Junk Yard. I do not like either choice.
I will face that when the time comes to do so.

Concerning CVJ; all rebuilding companies have a problem getting good rebuildable Cores. As time goes on the Cores you get are in worse and worse condition and the number of rebuildable Cores begins to deminish.
Also due to the weight of the Axles shipping Cores back cost the Customer.

Now CVJ has to compete with a flood of new Asian made Axles at almost 1/2 the cost of their rebuilt ones and the customer does not need to pay to ship his core back.
So their choice appears to be to try to remain competitive.
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