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Need Opinions - Water Wetter vs. NPG+

I've searched through the old posts and I've been to both company's website and read all the info. They both seem like good products. I think the NPG+ may have the edge in actually controlling localized engine heat, but it seems that it doesn't shed the heat as rapidly as a water-based coolant and consequently allows the engine to run hotter, which may allow for more efficient burning of the fuel-air mix.

What I'd like to know is whether anyone here has actually tried the NPG+ and what kind of average temp increase you experienced. I'm not worried so much about the engine running hotter, I think it can handle that just fine as long as there are not focal hot spots in the head. I'm concerned with whether or not the cooling system and climate control components will be overtaxed. Is it likely to trigger the aux. fan to come on constantly, or will it trigger the emergency cycling or shut-off of the A/C compressor starting at 120 C.

If the average increase is only a few degrees C, no problem. If it's closer to 8 or 10 degrees C, then I will reconsider.

Thanks for your help once again.

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