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500-E foglights on 300-E

Does any one have experience at installing 500-E foglights on the 300-E? There are removable plastic pieces rivited on the back of the airdam/bumper cover on my 300-E in the same position as the foglights on the 500-E. When i went to the dealer the rivited plastic pieces are shown and numbered (item# not mercedes#) but it was not applicable to the 500-E. So one of the things i need to know is if there is a part available that fits between the fog light and the airdam/bumper cover for mounting the 500-E foglights. Then how is the lighting switched between headlight, foglight, driving light, i am asuming that there was a driving light in the headlight assy. originally, on U.S. DOT models. Does the 500-E have a model specific light switch interchangable with the 300-Es headlight switch

500-E foglights #s 129-820-01-56 & 129-820-02-56
500-E bumper cover # 124-880-47-70
300-E bumper cover # 124-880-40-70

1990 300-E in process
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