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It is very angering.

MB's decision to chase volume in my opinion is a stupid one.

Why does every business constantly chase sales growth???

I believe that "prestige" brands should not even consider that.

Why not focus on personnel and purchasing and operations savings to improve "the buttom line" which is all these nob gobblers care about.

These are publicly traded companies here we are talking about.
Managing directors receive a bigger bonus (usually more than their salary) if they improve the net profit of the company.

This is a discusting trend we have all seen for some time in business.

Which company does this the most? Ford's "PAG"

How do I know? I am not at liberty to say but I can say trust me here.

Mark Fields is in the helm of PAG now, he believes he can increase net income in the company 9 FOLD by the end of 2006. This is what he said in a recent interview with Time Magazine.

He did this with Mazda but, look at their junk past and present. Cheap materials can be a considered a complement to describing how that scrap is built.

There is a big reason PAG will fail. Wolfgang Reitzle is gone.

Read the August issue of Automobile Magazine. That is the tip of the ice berg.
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