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I heard from the service dept on my S600 just a little bit ago. Last week when it was in for the first drivability fix they put new plugs (12 in one bank!) and a new coil pack on. Now they are replacing at least four fuel injectors on the same side of the engine. I still think they are shooting in the dark on this one. The fault codes finger the injectors but I don't buy it, niether did the last tech that looked at it last week. That will mean a third trip for the same problem, I am honestly shooting for a fourth and a buy back.

My BMW 750 has seen similar woes. It has 45k miles and 19 dealer visits under its belt. Number 20 is coming up as soon as the MB is fixed. It is just an airbag light, for about the sixth time, and likely just a faulty seat belt buckle causing it.

It seems that only Lexus has a handle on keeping the new technology working. On top of that they give you a LEXUS loaner when you bring in your LEXUS car. I have three MB dealers to choose from, two use rental cars and one has a fleet of crusty old Ford Tauruses. What a joke, MB needs to WAKE UP!

In addition I had a HORRIBLE dealer experience. I wrote a letter to MBUSA. That was months ago, no response, EVER! I guess I will just have to seek out nice examples of the 124 and 126 cars as they seem to be the last decent machines MB produced.
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