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Originally Posted by yambrovich View Post
I would like to update the sound system and put in an after-market head unit. Ideally, I'd like to spend $200-225 for the components and install myself. What I would like to do is to install a head unit with single CD-player that will also act as a controller for the CD-changer in the back. I want to keep the stock wiring and components (MANDATORY) and would like it to have an input for iPod / iPhone (prefer USB).
I may be mistaken but I don't think anyone has that combination. That is a HU with a CD and the correct output to control the factory CD changer. I guess my question would be WHY? If you have an iPod (Aux IN) connection, the CD changer is redundant. I'm not saying tear it out but just disconnect it. Beside the inconvenience factor, trunk mounted changers have a lot of issues with jammed cartridges, connection issues, etc.

In most cases if you want to use the factory CD changer, you'll need a compatible factory radio. Also, MB switched to an optical cable for the changer about 10 years ago so anything new would not be compatible with your wired changer. BTW, if you didn't know, Becker can install an Aux In on your current radio for about $150 but you wouldn't have any of the other features you are interested in.

I would suggest just selecting an aftermarket radio with the features you like and install it. Those from crutchfield come with radio removal keys and a patch cable to go from the MB wiring harness to the new radio. Plug and play. Just input your car info and select one on the recommended list to ensure compatibility.

As for perfectmarketaudio, one word of caution. I purchased a Becker 7882 from him. The transaction was fine but I had a little glitch in the radio (auto off didn't work) and was shocked to find that the US warranty on Becker radios starts from the time it's imported not the time you buy it. He insisted that was not true but Becker NA said it was. He said he would straighten it out but never followed through. Fortunately, the glitch corrected itself and the radio has worked fine for the last 2 years. There's also a Becker dealer called Southwest Stereo (Az?). Google if interested.

Good luck.

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