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JHZR2 dragged me here from the bobistehoilguy web site.

What I've heard of CV joint grease is that it needs to contain lots of antiwear additives. The CV joint experiences sliding motion, micromotion, and fretting, and needs a lube that protects under these conditions. It also needs to be resistant to heat for inner CV joints for FWD cars, where they operate close to a heat source.

The application is also sensitive to viscosity. It needs to maintain a fine balance. Too high a viscosity and it won't creep into the surfaces that it needs to lubricate... too low a viscosity and it'll run out. The lube needs to be shear stable because it can get sheared down rather quickly in application.

I don't have a specific grease in mind. I just know enough to use a CV joint-specific grease.
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