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W124 Manuals

Brothers of The Benz; I'm sorry I haven't replied to the Highest bidder takes all.
Joan and I have been very busy these past weeks.
If you didn't know that Joan and I live in a patio home.
We wanted a secure place to save? invest some money.
We looked at anuities, stock and whatall.
We decided to buy real estate.
We had enough capital to buy a nice little 3 br, dr, den 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage and pay cash for it.
The savings comes in not leasing but owning.
We close on the 14Aug02.
Joan and I were told that when you reach our ages(65+), there are 3 things you should have;
A new car (paid for)
A home (paid for)
Health insurance
We now have all 3.

Now back to the manuals.
Bidding is closed and I have 2 bidding the same,
They are, Phillip G.F.
and Seran H.
I will contact them via e-mail

Once more, thank all of you for the kind remarks made about my absence from the shop.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from the Spiderman in Houston!!!
God Bless you all and America.
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