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Mr. Swinford, I am sad that you no longer have your Benz, but happy that you have a reliable and safe good car. Good Luck and Good Health!

I emailed you about your Benz a bit ago, and alas, I did not buy it. I recently got a local, rough, not well taken care of, but straight Ď86 300E with 153k, for cheap (OK, it was less than half of your 198k miler, so I really think you got your carís worth). Not something I would recommend to many people, but at least I will be much better taken care of in a crash, if I have one, over my Ď80 VW Rabbit Pickup (who stays in the family, itís just so darned useful!).

My family would be very happy to help you list your books on eBay, if you like, or list them for you (we would need you to send us the books for photos of them or good photos of them first). No Charge for you, sir. You have given me way too much free advice for that. Your books are out of print and usually fetch a decent price. Let us know and well do it.

Oops, I just noticed your bidding is closed. Sorry and hope I have not offended. Offer for eBay stand if something falls through.
1986 300E Anthracite + ECodes + MB Mileage Award

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